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InMotion is a student team focused in electric racing and fast charging. InMotion is based in Helmond and is composed mostly of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. The team was founded in 2012 by Albert Maas under the guidance of Maarten Steinbuch .


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Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"nasty environment rude employees unsanitary lack luster training good leads are routed certain sales reps .ladies in hr are the only bright spot. Do not apply"

Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"It seemed to be great since I know the hosting industry since 2008, however this company has made me look at it differently since they are about metrics compared to ACTUAL customer sanctification to get their issue resolved."

Web Server Technician Tier 1 Support (Former Employee) says

"I was denied bonuses i was promised when i was hired. Job perfomance is linked directly to pay and organzied to provide as little compensation as possible. Most of the work is done by trainees who get fired for not meeting expectations. the clients are jerks. Cons: pretty much everything else"

IT Helpdesk was advertised, but was actually a CSR/Callcenter (Former Employee) says

"...but you, as an employee, don't see any of that money, The training is way too long, and the trainers are either; underqualified, impatient, severely lacking basic knowledge of DNS, hosting, LAMP stacks and so much more, or any/all of the above. I quit during training after two weeks because my primary trainer was all of the above. This is a SALES JOB, don't let the title fool you. These guys are grimy, penny pinching know-it-alls (that know oh so very little) and they take advantage of everyone they affect, employees, clients, whomever. They don't care about anything but the bottom line. Cons: short breaks, measley benefits package, misleading interview questions/job postings, ignorant trainers, they dont care about the employees; huge turn around rate. That's why they're ALWAYS hiring."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you are good at kissing and sucking you will move up plus you must be white in-order to well. Very raciest nothing but a bunch of devil worshipers that enjoy seeing other suffer."

T1E but only trained given access for T1 (Former Employee) says

"What they advertise as a free VPS product benefit must not really be so. It ruined my site for over a month while I was transferring it to a different host. I still went to work even though they did this to me and it was really hurtful to me."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Was there for a few months, the training was cool, my trainers did everything they could to make sure we were successful. Once on the floor it was totally different. You’re expected to do a lot under a short amount of time, don’t mess up on the floor neither because then you’ll be treated like you’re incompetent by the and that you’re incapable of doing anything at all without them knowing. The management was sub-par, one of the higher ups could barely get through a sentence without saying “um like” every other word and everyone else just will just smile in your face and then do you dirty behind your back. My co-workers were cool and very helpful, but unless you were kissing up to the tier 2 reps or management you were pretty much left to your own devices. Cons: Management, watching people suck up to management"

Tier I Advanced Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Having worked for InMotion, I wouldn't recommend them as an employer OR as a hosting company. Their objective in technical support is not to actually help people, it's to get them off the phone. I ended up getting fired essentially for being too helpful. I just couldn't force myself to stop actually fixing things for people and just point them to the support articles to do it themselves and so my 'production' wasn't high enough. Because that's what counts, not customer satisfaction."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"The leadership expects employees to sacrifice their work/life balance to compensate for their poor business process management. Training is a very shallow broad spectrum shotgun blast of information before being put into production. Cons: unrealistic expectations, inconsistent metrics, no life work balance"

Tier 1 (Former Employee) says

"Okay place to work except the pay is pretty low, like below working in a restaurant low. If you need to pick up some basic skills this is a good place for a few months."

nope (Current Employee) says

"The company and it's owners, the people, and the overall environment are actually spot on. However, there is a lack of communication from top down. Not only is this the case, feedback from employees via management are NEVER addressed. Cons: lack of communication from management or other departments such as HR"

PHP / HTML SEO Developer (Current Employee) says

"A typical day of work would usually require me to start handling phone, online chat and email troubleshooting tickets all at the same time using a Drupal ticket managing system. I then assisted the clients in fixing whatever their specific issue was with their shared-hosting or VPS/Dedicated server. My co-workers were really easy to get a long with, but with an over-whelming understanding of the poor management. The hardest part of the job was being yelled at by a client because someone else at either our datacenter or support office has either mislead or made a mistake that needed to be fixed, and even when it was our problem, we were encouraged to be non-specific about the issue. Cons: poor management, lack of communication between departments."

Developer (Former Employee) says

"To be a developer at inmotion you need to write code that fits into an ancient legacy system before you will be allowed to write anything recognizable to modern MVC developers as SOLID design. Cons: Legacy"

Linux Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Underpaid; high stress, sweat-shop like tech support call center. Did I say underpaid?"

Tier1 Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"The majority of the people at InMotion are good, decent people who are approachable and available. Unfortunately, when it comes to their customer service practices, things aren't so good. They encourage you to be friendly, courteous and helpful to customers...for about five minutes, then you are encouraged to push them off to a ticket in the ticketing system and move on to the next person in the phone/chat queue."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Work in the customer service department. You make 13.50 an hour but is ask to do a lot more work than you are being paid. You get bonus but it is hard to get. The company always have fake new rules, bare minimal training, and the overall owners of the company does not run things right business wise which cause more stress on management and employees under them. Cons: pay, health Insurance, hours, training and rules"

D1 Developer (Current Employee) says

"No room for advancement and the pay is not competitive. The environment and co-workers are great. I would recommend this job for people who are just starting out there careers. Cons: low pay, no advancements"

Tier 1 Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Relaxed working environment, but very stagnant with very little actual opportunities for advancement despite what is advertised during the initial training period. You may "advance" to other roles, but the pay raise for a "promotion" is minimal if any at all. Management is inconsistent, and you can often find managers playing video games all day while chastising employees for being (no exaggeration) 1 to 2 minutes over their break time. Cons: Inconsistent management, low pay, no advancement, no raises"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"The pay rate after training is not what I was hoping to make. Most call centers pay more even when there are survey incentives. The incentives do not reach expectations. Cons: The pay"

Tier 1 Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Everything was pretty good except the training. It was lacking to the point where the turnover was extremely high. Most of us coming out of training felt unprepared."

Former Employee - Technical Support Specialist says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for less than a year Cons: The entry level training provided did not hold a candle to how much I was able to learn from co-workers and mentors on the real work floor. Work and life balance was poor if working overnights."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for more than a year Cons: Sweatshop style IT call center Probably close to 90% turnover over 2 years. Little opportunity for growth unless you wait long enough for people to be fired Terrible sick policy, I got sick multiple times because they made people with the flu come in and sit next to me - even after stressing my immune system issues. Customers have 12 minutes of your time and often need more, the company docks you for getting difficult issues. They've tapped most of the talent in their locations by hire and fire mentalities."

Former Employee - Support says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for more than 5 years Cons: When my father died unexpectedly, they gave me only 3 days off to deal with everything. That tells you everything you need to know about this company."

Former Employee - Tier II Systems Administrator says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for more than a year Cons: Excessive volume of work, horrible pay for the market and skill set required, very little chance to move within the company unless the stars align and the angels sing."

Former Employee - Tier 1E Technical Support says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for less than a year Cons: The title of this position shouldn't be tech support, but rather a punching bag trying to not drown under the waves of endless live volume (12+ calls in a phone queue, 8+ chats, 150+ tickets for hours). You will be screamed at because someone had to wait on the line for a very long time, and this will become the norm for you. You will NOT be defended whatsoever against unreasonable clients. You will always be at the mercy of them and live your days in a perpetual stressed out state while management will laugh and play games with each-other right in front of you. They will laugh and joke about a fired employee while cleaning off their freshly cleared desk. I have never seen such unprofessional and disrespectful conduct in my professional work life. You will be lied to about there being promotional opportunities in the company when in fact, they line up those positions for certain people already in mind and only have interviews because they are legally required to. Even if by some miracle you do get a promotion, you won't be paid much more than tech support (in some cases, even less). You will be lied to about 401k matching (they don't match even though they say they start you off with 1% matching). Also the dental insurance is pretty bad. The pay here is awful, and I was paid better than normal support technicians. They changed the bonus system and it's much worse now (unrealistic achievable contacts per hour goals, at the mercy of just one or two bad surveys regardless if client is right or wrong, etc). You will actually make more working as a delivery driver somewhere than being a normal tier one support tech. I ended up just working a lot of overtime to make up for the pay decrease. It's extremely sad. Pretty much all of the techs I knew while working here basically said they hate their jobs and are leaving in drones, being fired for dumb reasons or shackled there because they don't know where else to work. You will hear even management complain about how awful this company is as well as how awful the clients are. Management will see these issues and have their hands tied behind their backs because senior management does not care. They have these issues voiced loud and clear, and they will not change anything. You will be treated as disposable."

Former Employee - Technical Support says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for less than a year Cons: They changed the bonus structure, pay is already bad, and feedback doesn’t seem to be taken seriously. I had a rough time with the speaker in the conference room, complained about it repeatedly and no one bothered to troubleshoot it or have upper management look into it. It’s awkward trying to hear about the company benefits, policies, important stuff via video conference when you can only hear half the words. Even the interview was like this too. No one actually does nothing to fix it, everybody just wants to collect paychecks and move on, is the vibe I got the first week in."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at InMotion Hosting full-time for less than a year Cons: No absolute established rules, quality can threaten you based on place of origin, you need to fight for the customer but do it in 15 minutes or less, leadership lacks clear answers"

Former Employee - Tech Support (Tier I) says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for less than a year Cons: i wish i had read all these horrid and well deserved reviews before i took the job, BEWARE. everything sucks.. management, hours, no job growth, no raises, over bearing managers and micromangement to death, no breaks. whilst youre on the phone actually helping a customer, then the team lead walks over to you and rushes you to get off the phone you can make more money serving food. it is a bait and switch, with a $40,000 promise you that you can make big money " , but the reality--the bonuses are not realiable, $11 to do server administration with technological skills = $22,880 a year. its encouraged that if you work overtime and holidays and give up your weekend,so youre working all the time and life sucks also--rediculous policies, be 1 minute late past 9:07 AM youre written up and if you do it again you'll get fired. be nickel and dimed, bodily functions(going to bathroom time) are micromanaged from what i hear from some employees that still work there, its a terrible place to be, sad to say bu tno, i wouldnt recommend that anyone work for this company, not even my worst enemy"


"I have been working at InMotion Hosting Cons: Everything is pros. Terrible managers and even worse leaders, totally derogation towards to employees. Lot of “Apple polishing” needed in order to succeed no matter how smart you are"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at InMotion Hosting full-time for less than a year Cons: They lie to your face about your compensation right off the bat from their "sponsored" hiring posts on all the main job sites, like for example. They claim 45k as a yearly salary which since an Advanced Support Representative only makes approximately 28.8k a year means they assume that customers will love you enough to give you "Kudo's" which are customer compliments worth 10$ each. Calculating that, they expect you to make 16.2k in "bonus" money, which NEVER happens, so don't fall for it. Management doesn't care about it's employee's at all, contrary to the "We: Care" portion of their motto. There is only one thing and one thing only they care about: CPH, or Contacts Per Hour. They treat their employee's like production sieves and if you miss quota for one month you're instantly put on a Performance Improvement Plan which is the first stage of corrective action. If you don't make quota, even if there are no contacts to get because the 3 queues intermittently die (yet somehow you're expected to magically generate numbers that are physically impossible to do so with) you are punitively punished and treated as though you are a stain upon their shoe. They do not listen to employee complaints at all, regardless of how much they purport to, yet they will hand out final warnings and terminations over invalid customer complaints simply to make their customers feel better even if the customer was the one in the wrong. Most replies to any employee generated complaints are just "Well, this is policy, so deal with it." without actually addressing the fact that the policies themselves are what are flawed. Overall, don't work here unless you are a sadomasochist, because that's how painful it is."

Ellis Johnson says

"Best to Describe is BAD-EMPTY-NON EXISTENT! Tech support is out to lunch 14 hours-a-day. You *might get a response from Tech Support 5 days later. Then, the response with read something like blah blah, due to Covid-19 blah blah BS-BS-BS Short Staffed blah blah BS BS Consider yourself lucky if you get an answer to your question in the form of a Hyperlink- saying- Click Here, Read to find your answer. L0L InMotion Host is a Crying Joke!"

Janice Tira says

"Over $500 a month for a dedicated server for 7 years. Their tech support was worth it, until a few years ago. Whatever happened, now they are horrible. My site was down for two hours and I was waiting for a tech support response for well over an hour, than they half-baked fixed it and now, six hours later, I am back waiting for a response. It's been over an hour already. I am migrating to AWS soon as I can. This is a horrible company. And yes, I too pay extra for tech support."

Jil T says

"Eight years with a dedicated server with them and the past two years they have been in a downward spiral. As I write this our websites have been down for five hours and the wait times each time I call are around 50 minutes. Even paying extra for dedicated support during the week has long wait times. Tried to contact owners once and they just hid. Love their tag line of "your satisfaction is guaranteed"- what a crock. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS AT ALL COSTS."

Jan Jivmark says

"Also Very rude and bad customer service. highly not recommand"

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